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Simple is…

Slavery to the world and its ways subtly slipped in and out of my life for too many years, but I’m drawing a line in the sand and saying, “No more.” I used to think it was normal to spend inordinate amounts of time dreaming of a new convertible, designer watch, or luxury cruise. Little did I realize that each day I focused on the “things of this […]

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Faith and Fenders

After read-ending a luxury sedan on my way to the gas station yesterday, I nearly burst into tears. Life has been a bit too busy lately with no one in particular to blame but me. Why is my schedule so full, and when did my normal pace morph into near insanity? While reading Ruth Haley […]

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The Right Road

I read an interesting statement in a small book today…The author pondered, “I wonder whether struggle is the confirmation that we’re on the right road and whether blue skies are actually a warning sign.” She got me thinking back to several times in my life when I thought, or didn’t think, I was walking the […]

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One Thousand Gifts

“Eucharisteo” – thanksgiving – always precedes the miracle. I haven’t been able to get that simple, yet powerful, sentence out of my mind since reading it in Ann Voskamp’s book, “one thousand gifts.” How do we give thanks through trauma and tragedies? Through setbacks, failures, disappointments, and everyday struggles? And what exactly constitutes a miracle? […]

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